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Truckers are very welcome at Rest Area Inntal East
Hungry like a wolf after a long drive? We offer a large serving of our dish "Inntaler Bauerngroestl", quickly prepared so that you will not have to wait for a ...  more
You have been travelling the entire day and need to relax? Then maybe our two slot machines with good odds are just the right thing for ...  more
Have a fax sent to us - we will deposit it for you at our Shop’s cash register. Of course, you can also send faxes from our service centre.  more
Use our spacious shower at the Inntal Ost Rest and Service Area and enjoy the opportunity to refresh after a long and exhausting drive.  more
Most of the European countries take road tolls from trucks for using express- and motorways owing to the greater amount of wear and tear caused by multiple axle vehicles on the road infrastructure. Here you will find all important information on the situation in Germany, Austria, and Italy.  more
Welcome to the Inntal West Rest and Service Area, near Kiefersfelden/Kufstein
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