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Sanifair toilets


Sanifair toilets offer a high standard with regard to hygiene and technical equipment. For this service 70 Euro-Cents have to be paid. However you receive a voucher which you can redeem in the Rest and Service Area.

The toilet seats are automatically cleaned and sanitized after each use. Touchless water taps and paper towel dispensers are installed for your convenience. Additionally well-trained personnel is responsible for maintaining and cleaning the toilets for 15 hours a day.

A refreshingly different system for highway restrooms

How does it work?



In the toilets’ entrance area you will find a turnstile access system. When 70 Euro-Cents are inserted this will open, you pass through the turnstile and automatically receive a voucher. Please take this voucher!

For children the access is free of charge, of course. Also the use of the baby change room, the toilets for disabled persons and the showers are exempt from these charges.

Redeem your voucher:

In our Rest and Service Area you can exchange the voucher worth 50 Euro-Cents against goods. For example, you can offset the amount against food, beverages, toys, cigarettes, newspapers and much more. Of course it is also possible to redeem several vouchers at the same time. However it is not possible to convert the voucher to cash or receive change.

Please kindly understand that we cannot accept the vouchers for payment of petrol, oil, telephone cards and road tolls. These are items which we sell on behalf of third parties not participating in the Sanifair system. However, you can redeem the vouchers, which are valid for three years, at any other Sanifair location as well.

Welcome to the Inntal West Rest and Service Area, near Kiefersfelden/Kufstein
A refreshingly different system for highway restrooms
Sanifair - Voucher
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