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For drivers it is very important to know the rules of the road. In Austria, these rules are subject to the Austrian Highway Code (StVO), a federal law consisting of the general traffic regulations and of the fines imposed for having committed a traffic offence.

The following pages display the most important rules as well as further information on how to travel best in Austria.

In Austria, offences against traffic regulations are punishable by writs, penalties imposed by the authorities, driving bans, or even the revocation of your driverís licence.  more
The Austrian Federal States have school holidays at different times whereas public holidays are the same all over Austria.  more
In Austria there are three different kinds of road tolls: All cars and trucks with a maximum weight under 3.5 tons must carry a toll sticker on all ...  more
In Austria, certain types of vehicles are subject to general driving bans on certain days. On Saturdays between 3.00 p.m. and midnight, and on Sundays and public holidays ...  more
Here you will find the most important information on speed limits in Austria for cars, trucks and motorcycles.  more
Apart from the general obligations relating to road traffic, a few special rules exist in Austria, such as those referring to wearing fluorescent vests ...  more
In case of a breakdown or accident, it is vital to get help quickly. Here you will find the phone numbers and addresses of the most important services.  more
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