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When travelling through Germany by vehicle it is very important to know the rules of the road. The German Motorway Code (StVO) not only contains all traffic-related regulations but also the list of fines imposed following a traffic offence.

The following pages display the most important rules as well as further information on how to travel best through Germany.

Offences against the German Highway Code result in fines or penalties or even with the revocation of your driver's licence. Here you will find a list of the most important ...  more
In Germany, the Federal States are responsible for scheduling their school holidays. Therefore, the States have holidays at different times.  more
The German roads are not subject to any general speed limit. However, the German Highway Code (StVO) stipulates limits for built-up areas (marked by respective signs) and for roads ...  more
According to Article 30 paragraph 3 of the German highway code, certain types of vehicles are subject to general driving bans on certain days. On Sundays and public holidays ...  more
Since 1st January 2005, German roads have been subject to distance-based road tolls. All motorways and some of the most frequented federal roads ...  more
In Germany a few special traffic rules exist, such as those referring to wearing fluorescent vests, taking along children and using the vehicle’s headlights during daytime.  more
In case of a breakdown or accident, it is vital to get help quickly. Here you will find the phone numbers and addresses of the most important services.  more
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