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Toll stickers (Vignettes)

Who? Motorcycles, cars and trucks up to 3.5 metric tons
Where? Motorways and expressways (special toll routes not included)
What? Toll sticker (vignette) (available validity periods: 10 days, 2 months, 1 year)
How? Purchase before use of toll roads


In our Tankshop all types of toll stickers are constantly available. If your holiday is longer than 10 days you can also purchase the ten-day toll sticker for your return trip in advance.


Rates for the toll stickers (vignettes) per vehicle category (prices indicated in Euros)
Validity period 1 year 2 months 10 days
Motorcycles 34,70 13,10 5,20
Cars, vehicles with trailers, trucks up to 3.5 metric tons 87,30 26,20 9,00

Prices are valid from 01 December 2017.


Correct placement of the toll sticker

A toll sticker is only valid once it has been properly affixed to the vehicle, which must be done prior to using the toll road network. Please note that the mere purchase or possession of a toll sticker does NOT satisfy all the requirements for proper payment of the toll.

After removing the backing paper, the toll sticker must be placed without damage directly onto the inside of the windscreen in an area clearly visible and controllable from outside the vehicle (i.e. not behind a tinted section of the windscreen). The placement on a side window is not permitted.

For motorcycles, the toll sticker should be affixed to a part of the vehicle which cannot be removed or cannot be removed easily.

Please retain the lower part of the toll sticker (backing paper with the serial number). In case of controls and broken windscreens it serves as a proof for your proper purchase of the toll sticker.


Important notice

"As of now - you need a toll sticker from the border Kiefersfelden. Last chance before the border to buy the toll sticker - INNTAL West Kiefersfelden".


Vehicle type Substitute toll

in case of immediate payment

Motorcycle 65 Euros
Cars with a maximum permissible weight up to 3.5 metric tons 120 Euros

Imposed if the substitute toll has not been paid in time or not at all

From 400 up to 4,000 Euros

If a driver is caught without a valid (or with a manipulated) toll sticker he or she must pay a substitute toll of 65 Euros for motorcycles and 120 Euros for cars. The substitute toll is valid only for the use of the road toll network on the day of payment and the following day, not longer. In the event that the substitute toll is not paid in time or not at all or if the driver evades a control check, penalties ranging from 400 to 4,000 Euros will be imposed by the authorities.


Broken windscreen

In case of a broken windscreen your toll sticker will be replaced (only applicable for annual toll stickers). You can get your replacement toll sticker either in Germany from us or in Austria from the customer service of the company ASFiNAG Maut Service GmbH, at the Austrian Toll stations and from the Austrian automobile clubs ARBÖ and ÖAMTC (a fee is charged for non-members).

To have your toll sticker replaced you need the following documents:

• The completed and signed form for the replacement of toll stickers (in case of companies with company stamp). [PDF-Download - document available only in German]
• A copy of the repair service company’s invoice for the windscreen replacement.
• The detached toll sticker together with the lower part of the toll sticker (backing paper).
• In case of company cars, a copy of the motor vehicle registration certificate is required.

If you can show us all the above-mentioned documents we can provide you with a replacement toll sticker.


Note: We accept no responsibility for the correctness and completeness of the information given above!

Welcome to the Inntal Ost Rest and Service Area, near Kiefersfelden/Kufstein
More information under: www.asfinag.at.
Toll Sticker
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