Who? Trucks with a max. weight of 3.5 metric tons onward
Where? Motorways and expressways
What? On Board Unit "GO-Box"
How? Purchase prior to use of toll roads
Tolling EURO emission classes
Rates for vehicles over 3.5 metric tons from 01.01.2018
Fare group Category 2
Toll per km
2 axles
Category 3
Toll per km
3 axles
Category 4+
Toll per km
4 or more axles
A EURO-Emission class EURO VI D.: 0,1810
N.: 0,1814
D.: 0,2540
N.: 0,2549
D.: 0,3806
N.: 0,3818
B EURO-Emission class EURO V a. EEV D.: 0,1984
N.: 0,1988
D.: 0,2784
N.: 0,2793
D.: 0,4103
N.: 0,4115
C EURO-Emission classes EURO IV D.: 0,2047
N.: 0,2051
D.: 0,2872
N.: 0,2881
D.: 0,4204
N.: 0,4216
D EURO-Emission classes EURO 0 to III D.: 0,2247
N.: 0,2251
D.: 0,3152
N.: 0,3161
D.: 0,4524
N.: 0,4536

D. = Day, N. = Night (10 pm to 5 am)
Prices in EUR per km. All rates indicated excluding VAT (currently 20%)

These regulations apply to trucks, buses and heavy caravans over 3.5 metric tons max. permissible weight. However, the number of trailer axles is not taken into consideration for the categorisation of coaches and heavy caravans.


Purchase and loading

The Go-Box always remains property of ASFINAG. The customer gets a right of use only, it is not sold.

The GO-Box is available for a fee of 5 Euros. There are two payment types for the use of toll roads: Pre-Pay and Post-Pay.

We supply full service to you: you can purchase your Go-Box, charge your Pre-Pay account and return your Go-Box with us.



Those drivers who do not want to register with the post-pay method also have the option of prepaying the toll. When purchasing their GO-Box they can load a pre-pay card with toll values between 75 and 495 Euros. When re-loading the card, credits from 50 Euros up to a maximum amount of 500 Euros are possible. Remaining credits will be refunded upon return of the GO-Box.

Please note that toll credits are valid only two years following the last loading; after that date they will not be refunded.

Only one GO-Box per car can be registered. The cancellation of a GO-Box costs a service fee of 60 Euros.

For the registration of your GO-Box you need the following data:

Country, address, licence plate number of the vehicle to be registered
Vehicle documents
Number of axles
Amount of first loading

Payment for the pre-pay method can be effected as following:

Cash (Euro)
Credit cards: Diners Club, MasterCard, VISA, American Express
Debit cards: Maestro
Fuel cards: DKV, Esso Card, euroShell Card, Global Star, Multiservice, OMV Card, Plose, Ressa, Routex, UTA


If you participate in the post-pay method, you as a driver or your company pay for the distance-related toll simply and easily by debit, credit or fuel card at a later date. In case of debit and credit cards you receive an invoice issued by ASFiNAG every two weeks. If you use your fuel card, the invoice will be sent to you at the time intervals agreed upon with the respective fuel card issuer.

The following cards are accepted for the post-pay method:

Debit cards issued in Austria (Maestro)
Credit cards: Diners Club, MasterCard, American Express and VISA issued in Austria
Fuel cards: DKV, Esso Card, euroShell Card, Global Star, Multiservice, OMV Card, Plose, Ressa, Routex, UTA

How it works

All vehicles subject to tolls with a maximum weight exceeding 3.5 metric tons must have the GO-Box fixed to the inside of their windscreen when circulating within the road toll network.

Please note that the GO-Box is attributed to a certain licence plate number and therefore may not be transferred to any other vehicle.

Upon the first receipt of your GO-Box the category of the vehicle (number of axles without trailer) is registered. The subsequent coupling or uncoupling of a trailer or a semitrailer changes the number of axles. In this case, the vehicle category has to be adapted. Please note that twin, double and lift axles have to be taken fully into consideration.

When driving underneath a toll portal a short acoustic signal provides you with information regarding the booking of the toll due:

1 short tone Transaction successfully completed
2 short tones (in case of Pre-Pay) Payment completed but warning that soon there will be no more credit or that the card will become invalid within the next two months > drive to the next point of sales for the GO-Box and re-load your card.
2 short tones (in case of Post-Pay) Recall of the GO-Box for control purposes > drive to the next point of sales for the GO-Box.
4 short tones Transaction not completed, no payment registered > immediately drive to the next point of sales for the GO-Box.
No tones Transaction not completed > immediately drive to the next point of sales for the GO-Box.

Special toll roads

The calculation of the toll due for a certain route is very easy with the route calculator available on the GO website www.go-maut.at.



If the toll is not properly paid, a so-called "substitute toll" can be paid immediately (no penalty).

If the distance-related toll has not been paid at all, the substitute toll amounts to 220 Euros; in case of an incorrectly registered category (number of axles), 110 Euros must be paid.

If the substitute toll due is not paid penalties ranging from 400 to 4,000 Euros can be imposed by the authorities.


Note: We accept no responsibility for the correctness and completeness of the information given above!

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