Road toll Brenner

Category Type Total Route
Cars Single trip 9.50 Euros
Round trip 19.00 Euros
Annual ticket 103.50 Euros
Annual ticket commuters 41.00 Euros
Monthly ticket 41,00 Euros

Video toll card

The video toll card ensures a smooth trip without the need to stop at the toll point. Thanks to special lanes you can simply go on without waiting or searching for change. Unfortunately, the video toll lane "Stubai" was terminated.

Our advice: Pick up a toll sticker (vignette) and a video toll card for your round trip, thus ensuring smooth and stress-free travelling.



The easy way to get your video toll card fort he Brenner motorway is to simply purchase it at our Tankshop. Of course, you may also buy single tickets or annual cards at the toll points. There, however, you might have to wait.

The video toll system is offered to drivers of Austrian as well as foreign cars.


How it works

You buy your video toll card in advance. Whilst other drivers search for change or queue up at the toll point you can smoothly continue your journey in the video toll lane.

Upon the purchase of your video toll card, your carís licence plate number is cleared. When entering the video toll lane with your registered car, the system identifies your licence plate number and you can simply pass with a maximum speed of 15 km/h.

The use of the video toll lane is only possible for cars without a trailer and under 2 metres in width.

Should a car not be recognised by the system in spite of its registration with the video toll system (for instance because the licence plate number is dirty), the car is led to an open toll lane and the toll is processed manually. Thatís why you should always carry your video toll card!



If the toll is not properly paid, the driver is subject to payment of the sevenfold amount of a single trip. Should the driver fail to pay, penalties ranging from 400 to 4,000 Euros can be imposed by the authorities.

Note: We accept no responsibility for the correctness and completeness of the information given above!

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