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Road tolls in Italy


In Italy, most motorways are subject to road tolls. Road tolls are the responsibility of the company Autostrade per l’Italia.


Toll systems and toll-free sections

Toll stations in Italy are located at the entries and exits of the roads subject to road tolls (closed system). The toll amount depends on the distance, road type, and vehicle category (cars and motorcycles, caravans, buses, trucks). As is the case in Austria, the use of sections requiring more extensive construction and maintenance (such as the mountain motorways with many tunnels) is more expensive than driving on the stretches needing less servicing.

For just a few stretches a lump sum is taken either for a section with a certain number of exits or for a complete motorway regardless of the distance covered (open system). The 443 km long section of motorway 3 between Salerno and Reggio di Calabria is toll-free.


Toll payment

Within the closed system, drivers take a toll ticket when entering the toll road. For payment, the ticket is entered into the toll terminal located at the exit and toll is paid based on the distance covered. In case of the open system toll is taken when entering or leaving the section concerned or in the middle of the respective stretch.

Attention: If the toll ticket gets lost within the closed system, the toll is calculated on the basis of the highest possible distance unless the driver is able to prove (for instance by means of hotel bills) that he or she entered the toll road at another access point.

Payment (cash / cards)

Road toll can be paid in cash (Euros), with an Italian account card, by credit card or with a prepaid card (Viacard). Viacards are available with an initial credit of 25 or 50 Euros through the automobile clubs or at the Italian toll stations and service areas.


Those who do not want to use one of the above-mentioned payment modes have the option of installing an on-board unit (Telepass) in their car or on their motorcycle. By microwave radio, Telepass transmits each entry and exit of toll roads to the toll terminal. You can use the lanes reserved for the Telepass systems at most of the toll stations or pass in front of one of the toll collectors (essatori). The amount due is usually collected quarterly from the user’s bank or credit card account.

Telepass family is open to all holders of an Italian bank account or credit card. It is of no importance if their residence is in Italy or abroad, if they are Italian citizens or if their vehicles are registered in Italy or elsewhere. One OBU can be used for up to three vehicles; changes can be made by the users via Internet. Telepass family is subject to a basic fee without, however, granting a discount on the road tolls.


Important regulations

It is strictly forbidden to back off or turn around in front of toll terminals. Offences against this regulation can be punished with heavy fines ranging up to 3,500 Euros and driving bans of up to three months even if the passage through the chosen lane is impossible (for instance because the Viacard or credit card is rejected of if a Telepass lane has been mistakenly chosen). Instead of changing lanes the driver must push the “Assistenza” button for support and wait either for a toll collector (essatore) or a receipt indicating the amount payable at a later moment. A photo of the vehicle is taken in any case.

Any toll which is not immediately paid – regardless of the individual reason – has to be paid within 15 days. After the expiry of this period, a handling fee will become due. The payment in arrears of road tolls is possible at all “Punti Blu” (service stations of the motorway company) or by bank transfer. Even if road toll claims might not be enforced in your home country you should keep in mind that a photo of your vehicle has been taken at the toll station, thus enabling the authorities to identify it upon your next journey on a toll road.


Note: We accept no responsibility for the correctness and completeness of the information given above!

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